Sunday, August 19, 2012

Self Propelled Shark Cages - Then There's Cool

Patric Douglas Shark Diver with SOVW on site 2012
With the wrap of Shark Week 2012 it's time to look at the world of self propelled shark cages our teams recent commercial with Volkswagen (whole series here) featuring arguably the coolest self propelled shark cage ever built.

So cool in fact that this vehicle will now be ensconced in the hallowed halls of Volkswagen Corporate for all time.

You don't get to VW Corporate if you don't produce paradigm shaking innovation.

This years commercial series was shot in Florida and the Bahamas over a month with a unique team of creatives, shark divers, RED shooters, and serious front of the camera talent.

The end result has been nothing but net and Kudos to the entire team for an effort hampered by some serious weather. We have a saying here at Shark Diver about weather, design builds, and film and television the end of the day its all, "accidentally perfect."

Here's to next year!


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