Friday, April 15, 2011

On Site at Sharkville - Alas Poor Yorick

Unfortunately this is not a return to blogging just yet. Just a short "blog tweet" or "Bleet" to say that all's well with our special projects this year.

It's been an amazing three weeks in paradise with our A-list crew of dive safety guys, actors, and more.

To describe the sharks and the delicate dance we have been working with over the past few days can be summed up in one word, "magic".

Now it's back out to our sharks and another amazing few days.

For me and the past 10 years of diving with sharks this entire month has been a pinnacle time at sea in the company of animals I have come to respect and love. It has been the culmination of years of knowing top notch people and gathering that tribe to pull off the extraordinary.

Let's go shark diving!

Patric Douglas CEO