Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays...Shark Diver CEO Exposed!

Happy Holidays Sharks Divers! (cool image by RTSea 2007)

You know
, I get a lot of email from people who have never met me, in fact they have no idea what I even look like. As the CEO of a well known shark diving company this oversight will end today.

Got the following email from "He-who-cannot-be-named" with a disturbing video of yours truly doing something "Holiday-ish". Now, I spent all of 3 seconds debating if I was going to post this or not...something about a run I was considering for high office one of these days on the old "to do list".

But what the hell, they hired Bush twice, and even with this video posted to a thousand You Tubes how bad could it be?

I'll let you decide. Happy Holidays everyone...try not to laugh...I double dog dare ya.

Patric Douglas CEO

Nine essential strategies for 2009-CEO Quotes

When MSNBC's Christopher Elliot called us for a quote the other day about the global travel industry in 2009...here was the response. It's going to be an interesting year:

“This kind of reminds me of the old sea maps from the 1300s that showed a coastline with the caption which read, ‘Here be Monsters,’” says Patric Douglas, the chief executive of Shark Diver, a tour operator in San Diego, Calif. “Trying to forecast this thing using any models from the past 20 years will be useless.”

Full story.

Happy Holidays Shark Divers!

To all who love sharks, and to the few of us who are crazy enough to want to "make a living" with these magnificent animals we say...Happy Holidays and the warmest of New Years!