Friday, September 26, 2008

Frank Mundus-Shark Killer-Boat?

Frank Mundus world famous shark killer passed away this month. What made Frank unique was his absolutely ego driven world view towards sharks that did not change-even when the worlds view and perception of sharks was rapidly changing around him.

His notorious shark fishing vessel the Cricket 2's future is now uncertain as it was hauled from the waters this week for winter storage.

We have a proposal to old Franks heirs, assigns, and others:

1. Donate the vessel to shark research

2. Donate the vessel to commercial shark diving

3. Donate the vessel to a hybrid org that does both off the East Coast or in the Bahamas.

The commercial vision for the Cricket 2 is only limited by desire. The fact this vessel would make money in the charter business is a given. Making that money count for the many hundreds of adult, breeding aged whites and Tigers Frank put away over the years would do a lot to help Frank "settle in" to wherever his final resting place may or may not be.

Sharks of another kind-Action Alert

Let's take a minute here to discuss one of the biggest decisions facing the US in it's entire 200+ year history. That is the impending $700 Billion dollar bail out of Wall Street and the Auto Industry...with more to come.

While this blog normally covers sharks (and a few squids we loves our cephalopods) this post is about "sharks of another kind".

Personally I feel this issue should not be decided by the same miscreants who brought you and me the Iraq War and our current $582 Billion dollar bad investment in that god forsaken stretch of sand.

What really gets us is the folks we are about to bail out, the CEO's, CFO's and COO's at banks like Goldman Sachs (for example) who will walk away with $322 million dollars as compensation for leading our country into financial ruin.

Are you pissed off yet? You do have a voice, send an email today, make a phone call, make some damn noise people otherwise we'll be seeing you in three years at our new headquarters based in Panama. This deal should not go through without accountability from those who got us here, and this deal should certainly not go through with some CEO's walking out the front door with $322 million dollars in "Geeze it's-nice-to-be-me-pay".

These people on Wall Street are gamblers and not financial geniuses. The curtain has been pulled aside from the Mighty Oz and what we have are a bunch of "sharks" scurrying off into the sunset with bags of cash and more than a few chuckles left behind.

How about this for starters:

1. All bank officials making more than $400,000 in compensation that are bailed out by you and me turn over all their money to a lottery fund to help homeowners who are going under. Those numbers nationwide are about 10,000 a day and growing.

Make some noise-start here:

Contact Congress

Contact the White House

Patric Douglas CEO